An uphill battle

I need to remind myself every single day the ultimate reason why I'm here. I need to get away from things that distract me. I need not to torture myself yet I must suppress this feeling.

Be bold and strong.

You're better than this Aina.

Don't indulge yourself with things that you know wrong. Don't normalise things that are forbidden. Don't be reserved and taciturn. Challenge the norms. Be you.

Take a deep breath. And release.

It's okay to shed a tear. You're not weak, in fact you're strong. Trust Him. He put you in this journey, and trust Him, you're capable of handling it. You might not be able to heal overnight. Slowly yet surely, have faith.

Put aside your doubts. Accept yourself. Love who you are. You're you and nobody can ever be you. You're beautiful, never compare yourself with anybody, be it, supermodels to make up artists to your friends or anybody in this whole wide world, they'll never be you.


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